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Dom was on I Love the 90s. Here was me: "Who cares about the 90s, they JUST passed, it was nothing special anyway, this show is pointless, I kdsgj[gfdh DOM!" I actually really like the "I Love the ____" series. This one guy on it constantly makes me laugh while I'm drinking. Today VH1 also did an A-Z about P Diddy (the rapper), and I learned that he spent time with the Amish and likes to eat applesauce. Wow! :D

I was reading an article about "celebrity flaws" in a magazine at the store, and half the flaws were like..."OMG SHE HAS A CROOKED TOOTH." "OMG THERE IS A SLIGHT FLAB OF FAT ON HER ARM!!!!!" I don't know if I feel sorry for celebrities having such minor things picked on, or if I envy them that people have to stretch that much to find a flaw. ._. (Adrien Brody's nose made sense on that list I guess. But he's cute, so it doesn't matter.)

Most people know of Jack Chick, right? I'd heard of him but I never bothered reading much of his tracts until the other day. They provide ENDLESS fun. (Plus anything you can Photoshop Elijah Wood's head onto to improve it, is special.
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Ah, I love to watch the 'I Love the ___' shows. They're pretty interesting and funny. That one guy, whatever his name is, always cracks me up also (Yeah, we're probably talking about the same guy).
What the heck is that Jack Chick stuff? Nope, never heard of him.
Are I don't see your name.
I was on my dad's sn cause he'd been searching for something for like 2 hours and I took over to find it for him.
Playa hata :(
Ah,"I Love the ____" series is so funny. I loved watching Dom do the Hammertime dance. He is so dorky. :D

If you liked watching that, watch "Best Week Ever" (on Fridays) and "Best Month Ever." It's the same sorta stuff and most of the same people. That is a very funny show. I've been watching it for sometime now. Ah, and VH1's "Ill-ustraded" is also damn funny. I love seeing 'Time Pervs' and 'The Good Time Party Squad' on there. My favourite GTPS member is Danny Downer (haha). I love that name.
"I loved watching Dom do the Hammertime dance."


Ok, I...missed that. I only saw him talking about Braveheart. :(

Usually I don't laugh out loud much at things on tv, but those VH1 shows do it to me every time.
update your journal!!!!!!!!
Z-zel? I really doubt you remember me, I seemed to have lost you from the transfers of random journals. I had you friended on your old lj, and your uj then something happened and a year or two (or more) ago and I couldn't find your journals, but, uh, hi.
Yes I remember you, from my first LJ (in fact I think you are the first LJ friend I ever had). Was your name the same on UJ? I don't remember UJ much.

Hi. :D I hope you don't mind me adding you now, even though I rarely use my journal anymore.
XD Yay! Haha actually I think you were my first lj friend, too. My UJ was something about sporks...sporking something, I don't know. UJ was just a short infatuation, I was lured by the more usericons.

Whee, I love it.