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iTunes says I've listened to this song 61 times in 2 days

It's my birthday, I'm not sure if I want it to be, but it is. Really I just want to sleep, and then move out.

I've been getting behind in math again and having to go to campus at night to take tests and I can't bring myself to concentrate on any work. Also, I've been sleeping from 10am-5pm when I don't have class, and 3am-7:30am when I do. I hate schedules, I hate routine. Hate. HAAATTTEEEE!!!! ARGHHHH!dmsd;ogs g;ljpiisd[,w,wkgksphbsd

*calms down abruptly*

I've also been thinking; my mother and I agree on every political and moral issue in existence, and she also loves Billy Boyd. So WHY do we usually have such a distant relationship? We spent half the morning bitching about everything the other day, from Bush to various forms of racism to why people get so worked up in Harry/Ron/Hermione ship wars. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so uncomfortable with the idea of seeing parents as friends (I have no idea where that fear comes from).

I also wish I spoke to my brother, because it's so uncomfortable living with someone and barely acklowledging each other. The other day I asked him to kill a spider for me...that was the extent of our conversation for the past week maybe. It's probably mostly my fault since around 16 I had a lot of problems and started isolating myself from everyone. A LOT of family problems built up around then and I started losing friends, too. I really regret most of what I've done since that age but it's hard for me to just go up to people and fix problems. I usually don't know how to fix my own problems since my mind is such a wreck. Usually it's like "I'll deal with it later" so I can convince myself eventally everything will be ok...I just forget that something has to HAPPEN to make it that way. I'm probably coming off as an emotionless robot here because I never know how to talk about these things on LJ, so I'll stop.

Random thought: Am I the only one who thinks Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a bad title? Maybe after the book comes out in 2015, I'll appreciate some intricate relevancy to the plot, but I'll probably still think it sucks. I get all my important news from fandom wank, like the HP title and the fact that Gackt thinks it's crude to say he wants a woman who's "good in bed," but not to say he wants someone "good at sex."

Has anyone here played Harvest Moon for Gamecube? And DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW OLD THE MAIN CHARACTER IS? I just got married and had a son (they force you to have a son) and my character still looks about 12.
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