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I really don't know.

Things I am seeing way too much of on TV lately:

- "King Arthur" commercials
- Jessica Simpson

Doesn't it suck when someone you've known (and counted on) for a long time changes? Especially when, along with their changing, they seem to suddenly be incapable of caring about you. I mean yes, the common "love fading away and turning into a boring, emotionless empty pit" thing is bad enough. But what's worse, really, is losing the true FRIEND you once had in them. It's...bah. Emotionally draining. For awhile you throw all your emotions into it and then it feels like you have none.

It hurts.

Totally changing the subject so I won't cry...I love Dom even more after reading online forum postings of his. He can't even type his own name. :D (If it were some random guy typing like he does...I'd probably be mocking him.) I also love him for apparently wearing a "someone less dumb for president" button.

Don'tcrydon'tcrydon'tcry. Someone tell me something hilariously funny, please? Even a stupid joke about frogs or something will do.
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I have one for you. I don't want you to cry *hug* It's a Bush joke my dad sent me, hope ya don't mind:
Ha, I hadn't heard that one before. :D Thank you. *hugs* you go and feel better please!
*dies* That is great.

(I need a Snape icon now)
I'll make you one if you want :D I figured out how to make movie icons and will it cheer you up?
Aww, thank you! Yes, that would cheer me up. Anything Snape = good.
hmm...don't cry!


Que vous soyez flic...OU BADAUD!!!
je tue celui qui fait un pas, non je ne ferai pas de cadeau!!!!!!!

Deleted comment

I still have Soul Love, and the Hisashi version of it, and the crappy RAM quality Jiro version. Didn't you want me to send you one of those?

(I laughed at that joke because even just the word "turkey" makes me laugh when I haven't had enough sleep)
What's the next best thing to a whale?



A dolphin, you say?



It's guaranteed :D