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*cries because only one userpic is showing up* (sorry Faramir, I love you, but gah.) Some serial adder added me...because I like badfic and HP? "i rite fanfucs mustly dbz ones butt i wanna rite mo1e hariy potta ones as welll" Nice that the only person to add me in ages is a troll.

I miss people. Sigh. I'm also being ignored, which just fucking sucks. Especially when certain girls are getting so much attention and not appreciating it. I'd kill for that kind of "worship"/love/etc. >:O Why do...people tell you they care when they don't even want to waste time talking to you? Does it not even matter how much it hurts? Oh, ok, make me feel insignificant and then go off and have fun. Fine.

Saw POA awhile back...I don't have much to say, it was good, like I expected it to be. The strangest thing was watching it and then looking at screencaps from the first movie when I got home. Those kids are really growing up...which reminds me of a magazine article I read about them being replaced, which saddens me. It's not like they're the greatest actors, but I've gotten used to associating them with their characters. Also, Tom Felton didn't look as bad as I expected him to.

College is ok, kind of boring, very lonely so far. And I can't at all get used to the routine thing. Going to sleep at the same time every night, to wake up early every morning, to go to class for three It may not sound like much to most people, but it's a huge deal for me. Anxiety blah blah. Oh, I've talked to a couple people once or twice, but I don't see me making any connections. It's just one class though. I can more imagine making friends in Japanese this fall, or...who knows. I HOPE to meet someone in person for once who likes "my music." I hope to be able to UNDERSTAND "my music" sometime soon, too. Blah, anyway, Drawing I is really simple. We just draw boxes and buckets so far...the guy sitting next to me said my drawings were amazing, but how amazing could they really be. :d I don't see myself becoming a famous box-drawer anytime soon.

I have a Gamecube. Have I written here since I got it? I HAVE A GAMECUBE. Mwahaha. So far all I have is Animal Crossing, though. I enjoy cheating by changing the clock. I am a loser.
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