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This is a beautiful song.

...Hi. This is strange, I feel like I'm talking to a person I haven't seen in awhile and it's awkward and difficult to make conversation. O_o What should I talk about?

Well, yesterday I realized I've been avoiding HP: POA spoilers for no reason SINCE I'VE READ ALL FIVE BOOKS SINCE AGES AGO. I still haven't seen the movie, waiting awhile so the theater won't be as crowded.

I did see Troy though, with Fiana and Alla. I know things were left out/changed from the actual story but I can live with that. The music was beautiful and one of my favorite aspects of the experience (that and the scarily pretty water of course). I know a lot of people really disliked the music but I don't know, to me it was emotional. When we left the theater I felt that armored men were hiding in the shadows waiting to throw spears at us. :D I think I also threatened Fiana with a lamppost? TROY MAKES YOU VIOLENT.

What I can't understand is how a wife could stand to watch her husband in a battle to the death. In Dark Cloud 2, you can get a fish and enter him in little fish races. I can't even watch those until they finish. I'm not good with suspense. I was under the impression that Paris died (I'm not familar the Iliad at ALL so forgive me for seeming confused and stupid here), though. I really liked his character, with all his weakness and fear, especially in contrast to Legolas who was always in the middle of the action and such a perfect warrior. I know I sound like a fangirl who only liked the movie for Orlando, but Paris just struck me and I really did enjoy it as a whole.

Diane Kruger as Helen was ok but her acting seemed robotic at certain parts. She wasn't focused on enough for that to really matter, though. Sean Bean's presence made me happy. His acting has a feeling of wiseness which I really like. Makes his characters more likeable (all two of them that I've seen). I'm not a big fan of Brad Pitt, but he played the part well...and admittedly he has a nice body. (wherewasalltheOrlandonudityIwasexpecting?) The battle scenes got repetitive, but were exciting enough to make up for that. Just rambling here, I could never be a movie reviewer.

Anyway. I had a dream last night that my eyes were hurting, and I went to my dad to show him how red they were. They had gradually become covered with red lines and bumps, and my dad told me they were baby spiders buried in my eyeballs ready to hatch. The whole floor was then covered with spiders trying to come out of the woodwork. I hate my dreams.

Classes start soon so I can't dork around on Neopets and have scary 15 year old boys worshipping me as often. Did I mention that? Scary 15 year old boys online like to email/IM me because I help people out and apparently I am a goddess for being able to answer questions. One of the guys was 21, though, so I don't really know what to say to that.

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