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This just makes me giggle so much, and it reminds me of the way I fill out surveys when I'm bored of them, except cuter. Much much cuter. Omgtheself-portraitistoocute. :'(

Last night, as if to top off my bad mood, the electricity went out in a storm and some pipe...system...thing broke. So our basement flooded, and we had to carry water in buckets up to the sink, holding flashlights, as it kept raising. Dirty, disgusting water. For over an hour. It was like a wonderful exciting adventure, except it sucked.

I don't know why so many people think Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is sexy, but his VOICE really is. It, yum. *will die during POA* I remember years ago in my first LJ, I said "I wish the HP books were movies because their voices would make me so happy." I will die during Troy too, IF I EVER SEE IT.

...Anyone want to IM me on AIM? Usually I'm afraid to talk online because I'm so boring, but I'm lonely, so...whatever. :( If anyone does IM me and I don't answer, it's probably because I went away and forgot to put up a message again.

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Aww cute little turtlies. They looked like driedels at first. What is the blob? It reminds me of the red glass things in the garage sale game.
What red glass things? The potion vials? I find it hilarious that you manage to associate this with Neopets. :D

He is just a random blob who goes on adventures. I don't know.
McDonald's is gonna have neopets Happy Meals starting in a few days~!!!! I wanna buy a nimmO!!!

Deleted comment

I am constantly thinking "Snorty McSnort" in my head, every time something...snort-worthy happens. Often it's when certain people write certain things in their journals. See, I'm saying it in my head now, just thinking about it.

dfg;ds;d why do people keep making me want to see PotC? I had decided I wouldn't. BUT PERHAPS I WILL. I think Dan is cute too, in a...cute way, but not all OMGHOT like many people say. As he gets older, he looks better. Emma Watson is looking better with each movie, too. And once she's a bit older, she'll officially be one of those people who makes me cry and feel oh so ugly, and yet I'll want to have sex with her at the same time.

Sadly they look just like his real ears. *snorts and hugs Dom*
Who's Emma Watson? And I just saw PotC the other was good. We have the dvd ;) sister does.

She is Hermione in the movies (which is why I had to use that icon).
I saved that Dom survey thing. That was fucking great. I'm gonna show it to my sister later. I like that self-portrait thing a lot.

Flooding sucks. We've had water pipes break before, but thankfully it's under our house and we have no basement so we've had nothing flood like that (it's kinda immpossible to have a basement were I live since you hit rock not even a foot under the ground's surface...). Sorry to hear about that.

I'd IM you but I am even more afraid to IM people than I am calling people on the phone (I have such strange problems). But I guess I'm sorta like you...I'm afraid of boring people to death. The only person I can hold a steady conversation with on AIM is my own sister (how lame is that?). Er, I can't even remember my AIM screen name at the moment. I had to get a new one since someone has found my old one and I've only used the new one once or twice so I've already forgotten it. I am a moron sometimes... :(
Pretty icon!

Our basement is where all the video games are, and a computer and some TVs, so it is beloved to me. I couldn't live without a basement. ;_;

I have the same problems. I don't know how I managed to start talking regularly to even the very few people I talk to online. I never used to be so weird about it but I'm constantly so afraid of people thinking I'm a boring idiot. ._.
He does have a really nice voice. >)

I'd love to IM you, but I'm so nervous it'll be awkward. ;_; we should try anyway. I'm just so shy. xD;; But you're so cool and it sucks that we've never talked.

And why is Dominic Monaghan so incredibly awesome. X_X I love him.
Yes me too. But I've always wanted to talk to you, we definitely should sometime. If only I weren't so shy and dorky I could probably have some good conversations with people by now. .__.

I didn't know you liked Dom. Yay. :D