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I remember the first time I heard the phrase "the bomb diggity." It was on an "I used to be fat but now I'm all that" episode of Ricki Lake. I just felt like sharing this lovely memory.

I have so many art things to do...I just don't feel like it right now. Sso tired. If I'm this tired now, how tired will I be when I'm taking a bunch of classes? My future Japanese teacher looks really cute, like the stereotype of a sweet disciplined Japanese woman I guess, but still, cute. For some reason I had pictured her as a man with a long moustache before I found out anything about her.

I love the foresty area around my house. It starts from a barely noticable path near my street, which leads to a bridge surrounded by trees, which leads out to a fork in the path with a field on one side, a forest and park on the other. I took my dog for a walk at 5:30 in the morning, and we went through the trees around to the area where Roger lives, and I threw acorns at him from behind a tree. I guess I'm just immature, I enjoy throwing things at my friends. :) (he caught me and made rude comments about my cleavage though, so I guess we're even.) Walking out from that area back into the clone-like little rows of upper-middle-class suburban houses is pretty disturbing.
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I should take more walks. Walks are nice. I did walk this weekend though when I went down to Des Moines for Shabbat. And I walk on campus. But that's different when I'm doing it to get to class.

What art things are there to do? Your class hasn't started yet, has it?'re going to get to take Japanese? Awesome.