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i luv u 2

I registered to vote the other day, so I'll be voting against Bush in November...I don't know who I'll actually be voting FOR. I also finally got a new driver's permit so I can get my license when I remember how to drive...considering how paranoid I am in cars, that may still not be for awhile. My ID picture is terrible, I nearly fainted in the middle of the building and some guy laughed kindly at me (he had just had his picture taken too, maybe he understood).

I also signed up for a college art class over the summer, since it's required for the other graphic arts classes and I want to get the basicness out of the way. It focuses on creating values and perspective with pencils/pastels/charcoal. I have no idea why I'm so scared of it. Maybe because I'm AWFUL AT DRAWING? Traditional drawing, I mean, I haven't done it in months.

THE BEST THING EVER THOUGH, IS THAT I BOUGHT A LIFESIZED CARDBOARD LEGOLAS OMFG I AM DORKY~. He's wearing one of my hats right now, he's so damn cute, and he scares me every time I walk into my room. My dog stares up at him and barks a lot. He's so tall compared to me, too. If I meet Orlando ever, he will have to bend over a lot to kiss me, which he would inevitably want to do. Carrying a pretty lifesized elf around draws a lot of stares in the mall.

Cursed be the day Fiana "introduced" me to Neopets. Why is that damn thing so addictive? And why is the average intelligence of the users so low? If more people knew how to spell, the world would be a better place. :(
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I don't know who I'll actually be voting FOR
Aye, therein lies the rub.

He's wearing one of my hats right now
He he! My cousin has a hat on her Aragorn standee, too!

he will have to bend over a lot to kiss me, which he would inevitably want to do.
Oh, definitely. You should start to practice walking in stilettos & platforms now, in order to prepare.

If more people knew how to spell, the world would be a better place.
The important thing is that it be against Bush. Ever so sadly. But we Bush-againsters (yes, I know there are better words for that) need to unify somehow. Hmm. I don't know enough about Kerry. I would vote Green Party, but I also don't want to "take away" a vote from the main contendor against Bush.

I hope the art class goes really well!

I was tempted to get a lifesize SMG or David Boreanaz or someone lifesize cutout at one point.

Oooooooooooooooops. Cursed be my spreading.
You have no idea who I am. I'm a friend of Jerri's (lunajile) though. I thought we could be friends.. we have things in common.

NEOPETS. OMFG addictive... although I never could figure out how to play. I tend to create pets .. and then.. they.. seem.. to.. uh, be forgotten *is a horrible neopetmama*

I'm jealous that you got a cutout - I tried to get one.. lol. Lucky wench, you :P

Take care <3.
I like when people I don't know comment in my journal. :D I will add you back.

I mainly play Neopets for the games and the feeling of being rich, and I sort of ignore my pets. But yes, it definitely is addictive.

You could look online for cutouts, they seem to be easy to find there, but more expensive. I found mine in a little movie store in the mall.
My sister is considering getting a cutout at the LOTR fanclub's online store (and considering joining the fan club). I forget which one she wanted. Oh well.

YAY. VOTE AGAINST BUSH. I'm gonna wait to register until Warped Tour this summer so that I can register with Punk and help out their cause. I'll vote for Kerry because I sorta like him. He's alright (and he snowboards and does other wierd stuff that makes me laugh...could you imagine Bush on a snowboard...? I think not!). Besides, it makes me pretty sick how Bush and his people always try to make Kerry look so bad about what he did in Vietnam and thereafter and who the hell knows if Bush even served his duty then.

I'm ranting. I hate Bush.

College art is not that scary. At least, the one I went to, most people were A LOT crappier than I was.

Neopets is evil. Very evil. I remember before they soldout. When food was very cheap (vegtables and fruits were, like, 5 NP and such). So sad...