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So yes, I did that pixel art of hide months ago, I think some of you have seen it. I posted it on my DA account, which I haven't been to in months. THANKS TO MIKEY (thank you!) I found out it was chosen recently as a daily deviation and has like 96 comments and 75 favorites!?!? I know for a lot of people that's nothing...but I NEVER get anything close to that. It was compared to "photo-realism" a couple times, which I never considered it anything close to. O_o It was just kind of an experiment in style, but if people see it that way, that's fine! Wow, those comments made me feel so good. Especially after having been accused of "cheating" for my art, and yes, I'm still bitter about that.

The concept of bachelor parties is so stupid. I mean, if you have some need to be "free" one last time, it's like you're looking at marriage as a trap. Why do so many men complain about loss of freedom, and see all other women as more exciting than their wives, when they could just as easily not have gotten married? People are such morons. :D

I went to a couple of pet stores for jobs, since college is starting so soon, but nobody has anything open. I'm starting to get really worried about this money thing. There are a lot of expenses coming up, and I can't make my parents pay for everything. My brother is going to an expensive college (funny how the art institute was too expensive for ME to go to, but he can go somewhere that costs more than that).
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Congratulations on your art! Your work is awesome, and the world deserves to know :D

It is a sad, bad way to look at marriage. I wonder how they came about, and if they had some kind of other purpose. Like, maybe they were more for celebrating the upcoming marriage before or something.

I hope you find a job. I guess you could start trying other random places too if an animal-oriented place isn't working out. And maybe volunteer at a shelter also and they might offer you a paid position after awhile. With being able to start now and through the summer and into the year (if you'd be keeping the job), it should be a little easier to find something. But so many places that even Say they want help don't contact back. I hope I'll be able to find something soon.
Ah, so that was the daily deviation one. Woah. That's quite awesome (I remember it from DA). I haven't been to DA in quite some time, too. I dunno. I just hate the new catergories. Blah, I don't know if I'm the only person more confused by that than by the old ones. Argh. congrats on that! It's quite an awesome picture to get that. :D