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Dom was on I Love the 90s. Here was me: "Who cares about the 90s, they JUST passed, it was nothing special anyway, this show is pointless, I kdsgj[gfdh DOM!" I actually really like the "I Love the ____" series. This one guy on it constantly makes me laugh while I'm drinking. Today VH1 also did an A-Z about P Diddy (the rapper), and I learned that he spent time with the Amish and likes to eat applesauce. Wow! :D

I was reading an article about "celebrity flaws" in a magazine at the store, and half the flaws were like..."OMG SHE HAS A CROOKED TOOTH." "OMG THERE IS A SLIGHT FLAB OF FAT ON HER ARM!!!!!" I don't know if I feel sorry for celebrities having such minor things picked on, or if I envy them that people have to stretch that much to find a flaw. ._. (Adrien Brody's nose made sense on that list I guess. But he's cute, so it doesn't matter.)

Most people know of Jack Chick, right? I'd heard of him but I never bothered reading much of his tracts until the other day. They provide ENDLESS fun. (Plus anything you can Photoshop Elijah Wood's head onto to improve it, is special.
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