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I was just thinking about practicing and how depressing it can be, for me anyway. Practicing for anything. The whole point of it is to improve a skill, and yet most people start out badly at whatever it is. It's difficult to keep at it when you hate your work and think it's awful, but it'll never STOP being awful unless you do keep at it. Practicing is like a big overwhelming journey in front of you, and even if you know there's treasure at the end, you just don't want to do it.

Enough with the stupid metaphors. I am sakdasf;f;gg. I put a little thing for my Neopet in my bio, as I'm sure everyone cares about. :D

Why does playing FF7 always turn me back into the crazy 13 year old fangirl I was when I first played it? The person who stood there healing Cloud when he had full hit points, just to avoid hitting Rufus? The person who cackled when Aeris died? When I think back on the game I think of it as being overrated, but I just started replaying it and it's like, BOOM. Their arms are even scarier than I remember though.

I'm in the mood to be swept off my feet into far away.
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