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Gandalf the abominable snowman

I am obsessed with Orlando Puffs, a cereal I randomly "invented" during a conversation. Basically they're chocolate sphere-shaped things with Orlando Bloom on the box. Don't ask me, I frighten myself.

The college I'm going to has two options I'm considering, the graphic arts degree and the game development certificate, and I was told the degree gets you farther as far as jobs go. I'd like to know why, considering in both of them you make a portfolio, and the only real difference is, the certificate focuses more on game creation and doesn't have the general education classes. I don't NEED gen-ed. My grammar and writing are fine, I couldn't care less about history, and science has no relation to any artistic career I want. So I'm probably going for the certificate (which is scary enough; they use about 1,200 graphics programs and eek I fear 3D).

The labs have the greatest thing (for computer geeks) though. Each station has a PC and a Mac, and a switch thing to go between them. I want that setup at home. :D

I feel so guilty when people around me are depressed/lonely and I'm not. I also fear I'll eventually feel depressed and lonely again, due to the law life sucking. One of the saddest things to me is when people, even ones I don't know, break up. It gives everything a feeling of hopelessness. Everyone watch my heart break for people I don't even know. ._.
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Deleted comment

Nice commercial idea :) Haha

I wonder how much of what they teach in the classes I've been taking I'll actually need to use in whatever job I get..I shudder if I'll need to know much chemistry or math.
"Doesn't the game development shiz require like...advanced math and physics and crap, though?"

Well it really doesn't go into math much, these are the classes for the game certificate there:

Drawing I
Electronic Imaging
3D Animation and Multimedia
Sound Production
3D Illustration
Game Modeling and Character Development
Game Systems and Design
Portfolio Development
C++ Programming or Java Programming
Job Experience (where you actually get to work for a game company for a semester :O )

And then you choose two out of a bunch of other classes of that sort. And you can take whatever else too, I'll probably take Japanese. There's one math class required as a prerequisite for a programming class, though. For a graphic arts degree you need a math class too, along with unrelated classes.

"Excessive math" makes me laugh for some reason. Death by excessive math.
Orlando Puffs sound kinda yummie..and like a ripoff of all those other such cereals out there! But that's ok..what new food creation ISN'T a ripoff? And it has Orlando, so..well.....

I guess supposedly sometimes places might care what the name of the major is. Like, my parents were worried that if I did environmental studies instead of environmental science then it would make a difference. Cept at different colleges those terms mean different some en. studies is very similar to what en sci is here. Anyway, I hear that it matters more what specific classes you've I guess it all depends on if places care whether you have gen eds and whatever other stuff the degree requires. And who knows. I guess jobs can get rather competitive (arg), but if you have the more focused and specific classes for what you want to do, I would think that'd be ok. But supposedly every little thing could help ::shrug:: Like, I hear that gpa means so little unless you're going to grad school, but then I hear that that could be the deciding factor..well, mostly if everything else is similar between you and another candidate for a job. Who Knows. ..ending babble.

And do not feel guilty about NOT being depressed! Enjoooooooy it.

I think it all depends what career you go into. I've heard that art type jobs care mostly, if not only, about the portfolio you develop in college. The department head I talked to day basically clarified that, but I've also heard that a degree gives you advantages...but you create portfolios in both things. So I'm confused. I may start off with the certificate classes, and then if I have trouble finding a job in the future, I'll get a part time job and go back to take the degree classes (a bunch of them overlap anyway).

Argh, you never know what could happen though. After over 20 years of experience in teaching, my dad is being forced to go get his Master's Degree, or he'll get fired. It's so stupid, after all the work he's done for them. They don't even pay for it, which they SHOULD because he doesn't NEED it.
That's ridiculous. If they're going to go so far as to MAKE him do something he should have to do, they should at least pay for it.
Also, I would eat anything with him on the box. Even if it was dirt. Orlando should start selling dirt, I bet the industry would skyrocket (is there a "dirt industry?")
I hear the dirt industry is booming.