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Gandalf the abominable snowman

I am obsessed with Orlando Puffs, a cereal I randomly "invented" during a conversation. Basically they're chocolate sphere-shaped things with Orlando Bloom on the box. Don't ask me, I frighten myself.

The college I'm going to has two options I'm considering, the graphic arts degree and the game development certificate, and I was told the degree gets you farther as far as jobs go. I'd like to know why, considering in both of them you make a portfolio, and the only real difference is, the certificate focuses more on game creation and doesn't have the general education classes. I don't NEED gen-ed. My grammar and writing are fine, I couldn't care less about history, and science has no relation to any artistic career I want. So I'm probably going for the certificate (which is scary enough; they use about 1,200 graphics programs and eek I fear 3D).

The labs have the greatest thing (for computer geeks) though. Each station has a PC and a Mac, and a switch thing to go between them. I want that setup at home. :D

I feel so guilty when people around me are depressed/lonely and I'm not. I also fear I'll eventually feel depressed and lonely again, due to the law life sucking. One of the saddest things to me is when people, even ones I don't know, break up. It gives everything a feeling of hopelessness. Everyone watch my heart break for people I don't even know. ._.
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