//2nd July, 2008~6:50pm\\ //Edit\\
I realize that it's been so long since I used this journal that it's likely nobody on here will remember who the hell I am, but I'm going to post this little notice on here anyway. :p

I went for quite a long time without updating or even visiting LJ, and I'm trying to get back into it now. I miss a lot of the people I got to know on here, and writing and commenting on entries. I always did create too many journals, so I'm settling on one of them now, [info]sonara, since that's the name I use for everything else. If anyone still reads this and wants to add me and be added on there, go right ahead!

.hack//sign has pretty backgrounds //15th July, 2004~10:39pm\\ //Edit\\
mood | ditzy

Dom was on I Love the 90s. Here was me: "Who cares about the 90s, they JUST passed, it was nothing special anyway, this show is pointless, I kdsgj[gfdh DOM!" I actually really like the "I Love the ____" series. This one guy on it constantly makes me laugh while I'm drinking. Today VH1 also did an A-Z about P Diddy (the rapper), and I learned that he spent time with the Amish and likes to eat applesauce. Wow! :D

I was reading an article about "celebrity flaws" in a magazine at the store, and half the flaws were like..."OMG SHE HAS A CROOKED TOOTH." "OMG THERE IS A SLIGHT FLAB OF FAT ON HER ARM!!!!!" I don't know if I feel sorry for celebrities having such minor things picked on, or if I envy them that people have to stretch that much to find a flaw. ._. (Adrien Brody's nose made sense on that list I guess. But he's cute, so it doesn't matter.)

Most people know of Jack Chick, right? I'd heard of him but I never bothered reading much of his tracts until the other day. They provide ENDLESS fun. (Plus anything you can Photoshop Elijah Wood's head onto to improve it, is special.


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//13th July, 2004~9:44pm\\ //Edit\\
mood | hot

Tired. Will reply to comments later. :)

"If there is someone on your friends list you would love to have an epic, sweaty, damn near legendary, 12 hour fuckathon with, post this same exact sentence in your journal."


Edit: Also, time for an IM comment that makes no sense out of context, but still barely makes sense in context!

Orlando Doom: so flix hat is harry potter on top of a ninja balloon?

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iTunes says I've listened to this song 61 times in 2 days //11th July, 2004~11:35am\\ //Edit\\
mood | tired

It's my birthday, I'm not sure if I want it to be, but it is. Really I just want to sleep, and then move out.

I've been getting behind in math again and having to go to campus at night to take tests and I can't bring myself to concentrate on any work. Also, I've been sleeping from 10am-5pm when I don't have class, and 3am-7:30am when I do. I hate schedules, I hate routine. Hate. HAAATTTEEEE!!!! ARGHHHH!dmsd;ogs g;ljpiisd[,w,wkgksphbsd

*calms down abruptly*

I've also been thinking; my mother and I agree on every political and moral issue in existence, and she also loves Billy Boyd. So WHY do we usually have such a distant relationship? We spent half the morning bitching about everything the other day, from Bush to various forms of racism to why people get so worked up in Harry/Ron/Hermione ship wars. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so uncomfortable with the idea of seeing parents as friends (I have no idea where that fear comes from).

More family/mind-ish stuffCollapse )

Random thought: Am I the only one who thinks Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a bad title? Maybe after the book comes out in 2015, I'll appreciate some intricate relevancy to the plot, but I'll probably still think it sucks. I get all my important news from fandom wank, like the HP title and the fact that Gackt thinks it's crude to say he wants a woman who's "good in bed," but not to say he wants someone "good at sex."

Has anyone here played Harvest Moon for Gamecube? And DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW OLD THE MAIN CHARACTER IS? I just got married and had a son (they force you to have a son) and my character still looks about 12.

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I really don't know. //2nd July, 2004~2:26am\\ //Edit\\
mood | sad

Things I am seeing way too much of on TV lately:

- "King Arthur" commercials
- Jessica Simpson

Doesn't it suck when someone you've known (and counted on) for a long time changes? Especially when, along with their changing, they seem to suddenly be incapable of caring about you. I mean yes, the common "love fading away and turning into a boring, emotionless empty pit" thing is bad enough. But what's worse, really, is losing the true FRIEND you once had in them. It's...bah. Emotionally draining. For awhile you throw all your emotions into it and then it feels like you have none.

It hurts.

Totally changing the subject so I won't cry...I love Dom even more after reading online forum postings of his. He can't even type his own name. :D (If it were some random guy typing like he does...I'd probably be mocking him.) I also love him for apparently wearing a "someone less dumb for president" button.

Don'tcrydon'tcrydon'tcry. Someone tell me something hilariously funny, please? Even a stupid joke about frogs or something will do.

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//29th June, 2004~4:02pm\\ //Edit\\
mood | annoyed

*cries because only one userpic is showing up* (sorry Faramir, I love you, but gah.) Some serial adder added me...because I like badfic and HP? "i rite fanfucs mustly dbz ones butt i wanna rite mo1e hariy potta ones as welll" Nice that the only person to add me in ages is a troll.

I miss people. Sigh. I'm also being ignored, which just fucking sucks. Especially when certain girls are getting so much attention and not appreciating it. I'd kill for that kind of "worship"/love/etc. >:O Why do...people tell you they care when they don't even want to waste time talking to you? Does it not even matter how much it hurts? Oh, ok, make me feel insignificant and then go off and have fun. Fine.

Saw POA awhile back...I don't have much to say, it was good, like I expected it to be. The strangest thing was watching it and then looking at screencaps from the first movie when I got home. Those kids are really growing up...which reminds me of a magazine article I read about them being replaced, which saddens me. It's not like they're the greatest actors, but I've gotten used to associating them with their characters. Also, Tom Felton didn't look as bad as I expected him to.

College is ok, kind of boring, very lonely so far. And I can't at all get used to the routine thing. Going to sleep at the same time every night, to wake up early every morning, to go to class for three hours...is...painful. It may not sound like much to most people, but it's a huge deal for me. Anxiety blah blah. Oh, I've talked to a couple people once or twice, but I don't see me making any connections. It's just one class though. I can more imagine making friends in Japanese this fall, or...who knows. I HOPE to meet someone in person for once who likes "my music." I hope to be able to UNDERSTAND "my music" sometime soon, too. Blah, anyway, Drawing I is really simple. We just draw boxes and buckets so far...the guy sitting next to me said my drawings were amazing, but how amazing could they really be. :d I don't see myself becoming a famous box-drawer anytime soon.

I have a Gamecube. Have I written here since I got it? I HAVE A GAMECUBE. Mwahaha. So far all I have is Animal Crossing, though. I enjoy cheating by changing the clock. I am a loser.

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This is a beautiful song. //7th June, 2004~6:11am\\ //Edit\\
mood | fidgety

...Hi. This is strange, I feel like I'm talking to a person I haven't seen in awhile and it's awkward and difficult to make conversation. O_o What should I talk about?

Well, yesterday I realized I've been avoiding HP: POA spoilers for no reason SINCE I'VE READ ALL FIVE BOOKS SINCE AGES AGO. I still haven't seen the movie, waiting awhile so the theater won't be as crowded.

Troy stuffCollapse )

Anyway. I had a dream last night that my eyes were hurting, and I went to my dad to show him how red they were. They had gradually become covered with red lines and bumps, and my dad told me they were baby spiders buried in my eyeballs ready to hatch. The whole floor was then covered with spiders trying to come out of the woodwork. I hate my dreams.

Classes start soon so I can't dork around on Neopets and have scary 15 year old boys worshipping me as often. Did I mention that? Scary 15 year old boys online like to email/IM me because I help people out and apparently I am a goddess for being able to answer questions. One of the guys was 21, though, so I don't really know what to say to that.

the_shinra's LJ stalker is entwashian!
entwashian is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also getting with your significant other!

LiveJournal Username:

I really am good at bowling (or I used to be). This quiz must be TRUE. I'll be watching my back (and my significant other apparently), entwashian.
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Sigh. //21st May, 2004~12:39pm\\ //Edit\\
mood | depressed

This just makes me giggle so much, and it reminds me of the way I fill out surveys when I'm bored of them, except cuter. Much much cuter. Omgtheself-portraitistoocute. :'(

Last night, as if to top off my bad mood, the electricity went out in a storm and some pipe...system...thing broke. So our basement flooded, and we had to carry water in buckets up to the sink, holding flashlights, as it kept raising. Dirty, disgusting water. For over an hour. It was like a wonderful exciting adventure, except it sucked.

I don't know why so many people think Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is sexy, but his VOICE really is. It is...wow, yum. *will die during POA* I remember years ago in my first LJ, I said "I wish the HP books were movies because their voices would make me so happy." I will die during Troy too, IF I EVER SEE IT.

...Anyone want to IM me on AIM? Usually I'm afraid to talk online because I'm so boring, but I'm lonely, so...whatever. :( If anyone does IM me and I don't answer, it's probably because I went away and forgot to put up a message again.

Also, turtles and a blob.Collapse )

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troytroytroytroytroy //11th May, 2004~7:39am\\ //Edit\\
mood | troy

I have so many things to do, I'm behind on all of them, excuse me while I hit myself. Repeatedly. I feel like an idiot and a failure.

I watched the Friends finale the other day, and I cried a lot, even though I haven't regularly watched that show in nearly 10 years. I cry at everything, really. I'd cry if a piece of string fell off a table.

My dog had a tumor, he had to have it removed yesterday. :( I noticed a mark on him days ago, but yesterday it started bleeding and was more pronounced. I was quite terrified. The house feels so empty and depressing without him sniffing around or staring at us and our food. Or curled up in his bed. The vet said it was nothing serious, but nobody wants to hear the word tumor. He's having the stitches removed in a couple of weeks.

I'm beginning to remember why I never liked Aeris. I'm also beginning to remember why I went through a "wanting to have sex with presidents of evil corporations" phase when I was 13. This person has a page of actors they'd cast in an FF7 live action movie. Scarily, I can actually imagine Seth Green as Reno and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Elena. x_x

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//5th May, 2004~1:54am\\ //Edit\\
mood | loved

I was just thinking about practicing and how depressing it can be, for me anyway. Practicing for anything. The whole point of it is to improve a skill, and yet most people start out badly at whatever it is. It's difficult to keep at it when you hate your work and think it's awful, but it'll never STOP being awful unless you do keep at it. Practicing is like a big overwhelming journey in front of you, and even if you know there's treasure at the end, you just don't want to do it.

Enough with the stupid metaphors. I am sakdasf;f;gg. I put a little thing for my Neopet in my bio, as I'm sure everyone cares about. :D

Why does playing FF7 always turn me back into the crazy 13 year old fangirl I was when I first played it? The person who stood there healing Cloud when he had full hit points, just to avoid hitting Rufus? The person who cackled when Aeris died? When I think back on the game I think of it as being overrated, but I just started replaying it and it's like, BOOM. Their arms are even scarier than I remember though.

I'm in the mood to be swept off my feet into far away.

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IamdoingwellonNeopets //2nd May, 2004~11:34am\\ //Edit\\
mood | tired

I remember the first time I heard the phrase "the bomb diggity." It was on an "I used to be fat but now I'm all that" episode of Ricki Lake. I just felt like sharing this lovely memory.

I have so many art things to do...I just don't feel like it right now. Sso tired. If I'm this tired now, how tired will I be when I'm taking a bunch of classes? My future Japanese teacher looks really cute, like the stereotype of a sweet disciplined Japanese woman I guess, but still, cute. For some reason I had pictured her as a man with a long moustache before I found out anything about her.

I love the foresty area around my house. It starts from a barely noticable path near my street, which leads to a bridge surrounded by trees, which leads out to a fork in the path with a field on one side, a forest and park on the other. I took my dog for a walk at 5:30 in the morning, and we went through the trees around to the area where Roger lives, and I threw acorns at him from behind a tree. I guess I'm just immature, I enjoy throwing things at my friends. :) (he caught me and made rude comments about my cleavage though, so I guess we're even.) Walking out from that area back into the clone-like little rows of upper-middle-class suburban houses is pretty disturbing.

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//30th April, 2004~6:31pm\\ //Edit\\
mood | <---

The 23rd post meme, and an embarrassing journal word count thing.Collapse )

I'm really looking forward to Troy next month. I watched the theatrical trailer with my mother, and we both oohed and ahhed over the epic battle scenes, and THAT MAN. It feels so LotR-ish and the music is absolutely gorgeous, too. So yes, Fiana, I am dragging you to the theater on May 14ish, whether you like it or not.

MIKEY I AM SO SORRY I HAVE NOT YET GIVEN YOU YOUR BIRTHDAY GIFT. I can't draw. Nor did I even say happy birthday on that day, which I feel so evil and guilty about. So happy birthday, and beware of a (hopefully really good) gift sometime soon. I am a bad friend.

Marriage "protection." SNORT. Yes, I'm still snorting about the whole gay marriage issue. If any more pathetic bills/acts/whatever get passed, the government will feel my fists of RAGE.

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Gandalf the abominable snowman //27th April, 2004~6:39pm\\ //Edit\\
mood | annoyed

I am obsessed with Orlando Puffs, a cereal I randomly "invented" during a conversation. Basically they're chocolate sphere-shaped things with Orlando Bloom on the box. Don't ask me, I frighten myself.

The college I'm going to has two options I'm considering, the graphic arts degree and the game development certificate, and I was told the degree gets you farther as far as jobs go. I'd like to know why, considering in both of them you make a portfolio, and the only real difference is, the certificate focuses more on game creation and doesn't have the general education classes. I don't NEED gen-ed. My grammar and writing are fine, I couldn't care less about history, and science has no relation to any artistic career I want. So I'm probably going for the certificate (which is scary enough; they use about 1,200 graphics programs and eek I fear 3D).

The labs have the greatest thing (for computer geeks) though. Each station has a PC and a Mac, and a switch thing to go between them. I want that setup at home. :D

I feel so guilty when people around me are depressed/lonely and I'm not. I also fear I'll eventually feel depressed and lonely again, due to the law of...my life sucking. One of the saddest things to me is when people, even ones I don't know, break up. It gives everything a feeling of hopelessness. Everyone watch my heart break for people I don't even know. ._.

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i luv u 2 //24th April, 2004~9:24pm\\ //Edit\\
mood | artistic

I registered to vote the other day, so I'll be voting against Bush in November...I don't know who I'll actually be voting FOR. I also finally got a new driver's permit so I can get my license when I remember how to drive...considering how paranoid I am in cars, that may still not be for awhile. My ID picture is terrible, I nearly fainted in the middle of the building and some guy laughed kindly at me (he had just had his picture taken too, maybe he understood).

I also signed up for a college art class over the summer, since it's required for the other graphic arts classes and I want to get the basicness out of the way. It focuses on creating values and perspective with pencils/pastels/charcoal. I have no idea why I'm so scared of it. Maybe because I'm AWFUL AT DRAWING? Traditional drawing, I mean, I haven't done it in months.

THE BEST THING EVER THOUGH, IS THAT I BOUGHT A LIFESIZED CARDBOARD LEGOLAS OMFG I AM DORKY~. He's wearing one of my hats right now, he's so damn cute, and he scares me every time I walk into my room. My dog stares up at him and barks a lot. He's so tall compared to me, too. If I meet Orlando ever, he will have to bend over a lot to kiss me, which he would inevitably want to do. Carrying a pretty lifesized elf around draws a lot of stares in the mall.

Cursed be the day Fiana "introduced" me to Neopets. Why is that damn thing so addictive? And why is the average intelligence of the users so low? If more people knew how to spell, the world would be a better place. :(

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//20th April, 2004~11:35am\\ //Edit\\
mood | cynical

pictureCollapse )

So yes, I did that pixel art of hide months ago, I think some of you have seen it. I posted it on my DA account, which I haven't been to in months. THANKS TO MIKEY (thank you!) I found out it was chosen recently as a daily deviation and has like 96 comments and 75 favorites!?!? I know for a lot of people that's nothing...but I NEVER get anything close to that. It was compared to "photo-realism" a couple times, which I never considered it anything close to. O_o It was just kind of an experiment in style, but if people see it that way, that's fine! Wow, those comments made me feel so good. Especially after having been accused of "cheating" for my art, and yes, I'm still bitter about that.

The concept of bachelor parties is so stupid. I mean, if you have some need to be "free" one last time, it's like you're looking at marriage as a trap. Why do so many men complain about loss of freedom, and see all other women as more exciting than their wives, when they could just as easily not have gotten married? People are such morons. :D

I went to a couple of pet stores for jobs, since college is starting so soon, but nobody has anything open. I'm starting to get really worried about this money thing. There are a lot of expenses coming up, and I can't make my parents pay for everything. My brother is going to an expensive college (funny how the art institute was too expensive for ME to go to, but he can go somewhere that costs more than that).

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